Swindling Tree Agents

Charles Patterson of Kirksville, Mo, has published his views about Swindling Tree Agents He finds in effect that this class comes from the greed of those who want to get a dollar's worth for a quarter, and it is to satisfy this greed that the swindler invents his lies. The honest agent can scarcely live, because the people want the best things for nothing.

Mr. Charles Lee

Few English nurseries have been better known than that of the Lees at Hammersmith, near London. Mr. Charles Lee, son of the original founder, died on the 2d of September in his seventy-third year. His son William, who has been in partnership since 1877, will continue the business.

Plants Of Western Australia

Dr. F. V. Mueller has recently issued a sketch of the plants found in Northwestern Australia, collected during the Trigonometrical Survey of Nickol Bay by Mr. John Forrest. The most noticeable is apparently a Begonia, the first species of this large genus ever found in Australia.

The Fine Night Blooming Cereus At Dayton Soldiers' Home

The fine plant at the Dayton Soldiers' Home was purchased of Mrs. Forrer, not " presented," as we printed it. Mrs. F. kindly makes the correction. It was the offer of the Home to purchase it, and, as she had a smaller one, she accepted their offer.

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

A correspondent writes that he has seen no notice of the annual meeting. The burned hall, now rebuilding, is not finished yet.

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society 40Pennsylvania Horticultural Society 41

Fire From Steam Pipes

A correspondent of the Scientific American has been making careful tests of the ability of steam pipes to fire woodwork in time. He finds that wood will char by contact with steam pipes heated between 500° and 612°, Fahr,, but not below. When steam is superheated, wood readily takes fire.

Bouvardia Rosea Multiflora

The common and very popular Bouvardia elegans occasionally produces branches of a bright pink. Messrs. Nanz & Neuner have succeeded in propagating this sport separately from the original, and have distributed it under the name of " Rosea multi-flora." It makes a pleasing variety, and we suppose will be valued especially by those who are fond of cut flowers, as all of the Bouvardias remain so long after cutting without withering.