The Currant Worm

F. K. A., Hartford, Conn., says: - "Syringe the bush thoroughly with tobacco water, rather strong. One application is enough."

Timber Culture

A correspondent of a co-temporary complains that he bought a thousand forest trees of an Illinois nurseryman, and they have so many sprouts about the base that they will not make trees and are now a nuisance. Well, there are some people who could not fry a beefsteak the first time they tried There is business in everything.

The Yellow Pine

We have always some doubt, when we read of yellow pine, what the writers mean. So far as we can judge, it is likely to be Pinus palustris when the Southern coast line is referred to; Pinus Taeda when we get in the higher and cooler portions of the Southern States, and Pinus rigida when north of the Potomac.

Malformation In Clover Flowers

There has been trouble this year in many Pennsylvania clover fields. The flowers have no tubes, and the unopened mouths of the flowers do not project beyond the calyx. In some fields a large proportion are of this character.

Pedicularis Furbushae

We once heard a distinguished botanist say, he would feel more likelihood of finding new plants in an old State like Maine, than in a new one like Colorado. And now a lady, Miss Kate Furbush, of Brunswick, has found a new Pedicularis in the old Pine Tree State, which Mr. Sereno Watson has named as above in her honor.


"One who knows" has our thanks for calling attention to the intrusion. It is not always possible to keep rats out of a granary, but when the hole is kindly pointed out, it will be stopped at that place at any rate.

Horticulture At Cincinnati

The Horticultural Department of the Cincinnati Annual Industrial Exposition is one of national importance. The premiums for plants, fruits and other horticultural items are very generous. September 1st it will be ready for the reception of plants.

Department Of Agriculture

Dr. Comstock has resigned his position as Entomologist, and Dr. Loring has appointed Prof. Riley to succeed him.

M. B. Bateham

A monument to the memory of this public spirited horticulturist is talked of. Dr. Warder takes great interest in its success.

Jean Sisley

This well-known and estimable amateur horticulturist, of Lyons, France, recently passed his seventy-seventh birthday.

Maakia Amurensis

Dr. Hooker regards this plant as not distinct from Cladrastis. It will therefore have to be in future Cladrastis Amuren-sis - a companion to our species formerly Vir-gilia lutea.