The Garden Annual

By W. Robinson. editor of the Garden, London.

The leading feature of this "almanack" is its list of gentlemen and ladies who have tasteful gardens and keep intelligent gardeners, and of the gardeners who fill these places Of these about 5,000 each are given, which affords a fair idea' of the number of intelligent patrons of gardening in the British Isles.

The Floral World

There is no better evidence of the growth of taste for flowers than the number of small, cheap serials devoted exclusively to flower culture. We have noted these as they have appeared, and now have another added to the list, as above, edited and published at New Brighton, Pa.

Pennsylvania Fruit-Growers Society

Re-cognizing the advancing spirit of the age, this prosperous body decided at its last meeting, at Gettysburg, to be known in future as the State Horticultural Association. This appellation was adopted so as not to seem to conflict with the name "Pennsylvania Horticultural Society," the operations of which, however, are chiefly local. The meeting next year will be at Harrisburg.

Massachusetts Horticultural Society, Meeting Of February 5th

Among the attractions at the rooms of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, W. C. Strong & Co. exhibited twenty blooms of varieties of hardy perpetual roses, the earliest and best ever seen at this season. It gives some idea of their excellence to say that they readily command the price ot $1 each. In New York, about the same time, Mr. Henderson reported that the average wholesale price of General Jacqueminot was $75 per hundred.

Worcester Co., Mass., Horticultural Society Report For 1880

From E. W. Lincoln, Secretary. This is one of the most instructive reports of a genuine horticultural character that has come to hand. Worcester should be proud to have such an intelligent organization in its midst. Why do not more cities have such useful institutions. There is nothing tends to the real prosperity of a town like a real live horticultural society.

Nurserymen's Association

The next annual meeting will be held at Dayton, Ohio, on the third Wednesday in June next. Mr. N. H. Al-baugh of Tadmor, O., is president for this season.

Improved Florist's Flowers

The numerous forms into which florists have forced so many old fashioned flowers is truly surprising. Mr. Cannell has produced a double annual chrysanthemum, and a very interesting race of star petunias, peony flowered poppies, and greatly improved striped snap-dragons. It would be well worth while to see what could be done in the way of improving many of our pretty native things.