How strange the predictions of public men seem but a few years afterwards. It is not long ago that General Fremont and Senator Clark laughed at the idea of such land as that of Kansas and Nebraska ever being worth anything. When we see the untold wealth of these States now, we can scarcely give too much praise to those who in spite of the dampers of eminent men, threw their lives and fortunes into the reclamation of these supposed useless lands. These lines are penned after reading in a Western paper a sketch of the services of Governor Furnas, of Nebraska. He went out as a settler in 1855, stuck to it through thick and thin, till he became Governor of a noble State he was told would never be good for anything. The good old gentleman was nearly ruined in the grasshopper times; but all who knew of his eminent services to the State will be glad to hear that he is slowly re-prospering.