Few men know more about marketing than Edwin Satterthwaite. He says that "there is one thing about pear culture of which it might be well to remind those about to engage in fruit culture for market purposes, that the pear market is very easily broken down The consumption of pears is very small compared with that of peaches and winter apples. In winter there is no demand for pears, and during the greater part of the summer and fall, the markets are so full of poaches, grapes, melons and other fruits that are generally preferred to pears, that only a limited quantity of these are wanted. And notwithstanding the great destruction of pear trees by blight, the quantity of this fruit sent to market has lately been so largely on the increase that it is evident the time is near at hand when none but those of the finest quality will pay for marketing at all, and that not for long distances; and though I think a few pear trees indispensable to every farm, I would not recommend planting them for a market crop."