A correspondent sends us the following from a daily paper in proof that there must be something in the common discussions about the influence of stock on the scion:

"The red and yellow banana are not different species. All bananas are naturally yellow, and are made red by grafting. The effect of the graft runs out in seven years, when we have sometimes bananas that are red, spotted and streaked with yellow. There are forty or fifty varieties of this fruit. The little guineos, or fig banana, is not over a finger long, and it is one of the finest species."

All we can say about it is that it does not do to get one's horticultural or scientific knowledge from the daily papers. The paragraph in question was evidently invented by Eli Perkins, or some similar newspaper wag, and other papers knowing no better, have been cheaply " sold" in copying it as their own. It reads like some of the " original" paragraphs we used to hear about that were "stolen by our exchanges," from some New York papers.