In his report at Gettysburg, Mr. Satterthwaite gave the following as the best varieties of apples and peaches for Pennsylvania: - Early Harvest, Red Astrachan, Benoni, Porter, Blush, Smokehouse, Domine, Krauser, York Stripe. York Imperial, Fallawater, Ben Davis, Grimes' Golden, Smith's Cider and Ridge Pippin. Of pears he says: - Bartlett, Seckel, Duchesse, Beurre d'Anjou and Lawrence, and Manning's Elizabeth for an earlier sort, are the varieties universally recommended; and for those wanling a greater variety, Doyenne d'Ete, Beurre Giffard, Ott, Howell, Des Nonnes, Beurre' Superfine, Buffam, Rutter, and Vicar of Winkfield can be relied on as doing well everywhere.