The recent discovery of a ferment fungus in fire blight and yellows, renders all information about the growth of these little plants interesting, We give the following from the Boston Journal of Chemistry: - "The transformation of alcoholic liquids into vinegar has long been a matter of discussion. Pasteur holds that the formation of vinegar is a physiological phenomenon, caused by vegetation of a particular bacterium, the Mycoderma aceti, while Liebig sees in it merely a chemical action of oxygen on alcohol. Recent observations by Herr Wurm, at the Breslau Institute of Plant Physiology, are regarded as putting the former view beyond a doubt, and Herr Wurm has succeeded in effecting the industrial manufacture of vinegar in accordance with Pasteur's idea. The conditions are a sowing of pure bacteria, a uniform temperature of 30° C, and a well regulated addition of alcohol. The process goes on in large covered wooden receptacles (with side-holes for air), into which are put 200 litres of a mixture of vinegar, water and alcohol, along with some mineral salts, - phosphates of potash, lime, magnesia and ammonia.

The manufacture is considerably more rapid than that by the old method, and more economical."