The objections some people make are very striking. We have said that a wash of lime in which a little sulphur is mixed, with some soot or dark substance to destroy the glare, is good for fruit trees, and might be of some effect against the fire blight in the pear. A correspondent of a contemporary thinks the advice good enough for a few trees, but how is he to do a large orchard? It would never pay. It would "take a small ocean of wash, and a small fire engine to do the washing." Some would think that if it paid to spend ten cents on ten trees, it would pay as well to spend a dollar on a hundred. However, we said nothing about the profit or loss of the application - but simply that it had a beneficial influence on the trees. If the correspondent finds it does not pay, that is no reason that we see why he should feel obliged to write to the papers to let people know that he intends to let his trees die first.