To make shoe pegs enough for American use, consumes annually 100,000 cords of timber, and to make our lucifer matches, 300,000 cubic feet of the best pine are required every year. Lasts and boot-trees take 500,000 cords of birch, beech and maple, and the handles of tools 500,000 more. The baking of our bricks consumes 2,000,000 cords of wood, or what would cover with forest about 50,000 acres of land. Telegraph poles already up represent 800,000 trees, and their annual repair consumes about 300,000 more. The ties of our railroads consume annually thirty years.growth of 75,000 acres, and to fence all our railroads would cost $45,000,000, with a yearly expenditure of $15,000,000 for repairs. These are some of the ways in which American forests are going. There are others; our packing boxes for instance, cost, in 1874, $12,000,000, while the timber used each year in making wagons and agricultural implements is valued at more than $100,000,000. - Fishkill Slandard.