" W. D.," Sandusky, Ohio, says: "Can you give me the name of a bedding plant that can be used in ribbon gardening, as blue, in making a banner or flag (Union), with acharanthus and centaurea for red and white, or any other plant, no matter what size. Please let me know, if this is not asking too much from you, for which I shall be thankful, and oblige".

[Do any of our readers know anything better than blue Lobelia? - Ed. G. M].

In answer to the inquiry of "W. D.," in the January number, would suggest as a fine blue bedding plant for ribbon beds, and as a most excellent companion for Centaurea and Achyran-thus, some of the dwarf compact growing varieties of the Ageratum mexicanum. Have seen beautiful effects produced with them in the Jardin de Luxembourg, in Paris, in the fine gardens of Hon. S. W. Hale, of Keene, N. H., and elsewhere. Start the plants early and trim to the proper shape.