We made a very effective plant stand for our front yard last summer in the following manner: A cedar stake two or three inches in diameter was driven into the ground so as to stand firmly and of the required height, a small piece of board nailed across the top and another piece a little larger nailed over this so as to make a substantial base, and a cheese box nailed to this. Then we filled the box half full by putting in a couple of inches of sand and sphagnum over it. The whole was then covered with the pendant lichen which grows on our swamp cedars, so as effectually to conceal the materials used in its construction, and the box filled with plants in pots - tall ones in the centre and smaller ones around them with trailing plants to hang over the sides. It was shaded by trees during the hotter portions of the day, and such plants as Glechoma, Alyssum, Ivy, Othonna crassifolia, etc, succeeded finely by merely pressing a handful of sphagnum around the base of cuttings and pressing them into the spaces between the pots.