The following letter was not intended for publication, but we cannot resist the temptation to allow our readers a share in a California collector's enthusiasm :

"I intend yet to give you one more trial about that nine-tenths of American plants, but to-night am too tired and sleepy ; have been off all day collecting. Am pleased and mad ; mad because we sent for carpet lining (for dryers) and got rosin paper. Why the mischief can't people send like the sample? I have got to scold some one, and you come first; first come, first served. Pleased because we have found some good things and in good order, and at least four new numbers for us on old ground ; that pleases me, especially as some of them are inconspicuous. I hope for a new one. Blessed be n. sp.'s, for they comfort the heart of the collector and sell better than the old ones. I would not have tried to do anything to-night, but we start for the Mojave in three or four days, and have a week's work to do in them. I hope to find everything on this trip; come home loaded with n. sp.'s and XX old ones. I think we have added Cereus Fendleri to the flora of California. We will be away for from two to three weeks, depending upon finds and feed (oh! that awful man, for not sending those dryers), and the amount of paper we have left. Even a buck-board, you know, has limits to its capacity.

All our hay and grain has to be sent out ahead by freight team ; we also take along some - all we can carry ; that country affords none, after leaving the river. I am too stupid to write any more to-night. So adeos amigo!"