"R. L. B.," Des Moines, Iowa., writes : "I have a Jasminum grandiflorum that shows a tendency to double flowers, having two rows of petals, of a very firm texture and very strong fragrance ; one flower in a room being almost sickening to such people as cannot endure a powerful perfume. I want to know if there is any process of cultivation or treatment that will increase this tendency to doubleness in this or any other plant? My Jasmine is as double as any I have yet seen of double Bouvardia Alfred Neuner, which, with me, has not as yet shown over two rows of petals".

[This will be a valuable variety, if its habits can be fixed. Cuttings from that part would probably secure it. Unfortunately this species rarely seeds under culture; or if a few grains of pollen could be found and placed on the stigma of an ordinary form, the progeny would be in the double direction. Perhaps if care were taken to artificially pollenize the flowers, they would be fruitful. - Ed. G. M].