By Charles W. Garfield, Secretary of the State Horticultural Society. This should have been entitled Michigan Pomology, for it deals with this single branch of horticulture. It shows a wonderful advance in fruit culture in the State, and how well the State is adapted to fruit growing. Mr. Garfield concludes his able remarks by observing :

"Michigan has a motto upon her coat of arms, Si quoeris peninsulum amoenam circumspice - If you wish to see a beautiful peninsula, look about you. That is no flaming advertisement of exaggerated proportions, but is a simple introduction to those who enter our borders, the apparently complimentary language of which is found by every visitor to be a truthful statement.

"The old derisive songs that told of ague, marshes, rattlesnakes and wolverines as the natural products of Michigan, are not sung any more ; and none visit the peninsular State who do not go away with pleasant accounts of her climate, soil, productions and people".