There is a great deal in industry, but after all there is such a thing as luck. "Only think," said recently to the writer of this, friend Isaac C. Martindale, the well-known banker and botanist, of Camden, N. J., " I had all the known ferns of the United States in my herbarium but five, and was wondering where I could possibly procure them, when I chanced to examine a bundle which had been waiting some time, and which I did not consider of great importance. Judge of my surprise and pleasure when I found four of the five in that. Now, when I get Adiantum tricholepis, I shall have a dried specimen of all." And so we write this paragraph, not merely to suggest to the lazy that there may be "luck in old chests that have long lain hid," but also that if any one has a spare bit of the much desired treasure, they could not do better with it than gladden the heart of one who studies chiefly that his own collections of intelligence and material may be freely at everybody's service.