If last autumn I sent to any of our correspondents in Europe a Columbine marked "Aquilegia sp., from Mexico (Dr. Palmer), flowers white and yellow," it is a new species, named by Sereno Watson, A. longissima. Dr. Palmer discovered it in 1880 on the mountains of Northern Mexico, and secured dried specimens for the herbarium and a few seeds for the garden. I raised a nice lot of plants from these seeds, and wintered them in a cold frame where they were bound in a cake of ice from last December till March 1st. Apparently they are as hardy as our other Columbines, and hardier that A olympica and pyrenaica. I expect them to blossom this year. Dr. Palmer tells me the flowers are white and yellow, tinged with pink, and the spurs from six to eight inches long and very narrow. Indeed, judging from the herbarium specimens, it will hold as striking a rank among Columbines as Cypripedium cauda-tum does among Lady's Slippers - Falconer in Garden.