Those who regard with dismay the cutting-down of trees, and believe that the area of woodland in this country is gradually disappearing, may take comfort from some of the figures stated in the return we publish elsewhere as to the prices for British timber realized during the season 1881-82. From those figures it will be seen that throughout England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales there were planted on various estates during the period under review no less than 3,156,826 trees. Of these, 2,175,826 were planted in Scotland, 646,200 in England, 294,800 in Ireland, and 40,000 in Wales. It is, of course, not easy to get absolutely complete returns, but those we give are well within the mark and prove that there is at least some set-off against tree-felling and the gradual increase of bricks and mortar in these islands. - Journal of Forestry.