A correspondent of the London Journal of Horticulture, writing from Hong Kong, says : "Gardening by the natives is only carried on to a very limited extent. They grow different kinds of European vegetables in the cold season for the market, and some for their own use. The Chinese are great vegetable-consumers, and immense quantities of these arrive daily in Hong Kong from the mainland, a large quantity of which is grown in British Kowloon. Fruit for the Hong Kong market comes chiefly from near Canton, and consists of Bananas, Litchis, Largons, Persimmons, Carambolas, Peaches, Pineapples to a small extent, Pumelos, Oranges, Custard Apples, Mangos. Wampees, Rose Apples, Kum-quats, etc. The best Mangos come from Manilla, and Pineapples and Mangosteensfrom Singapore and Bargpok, and Pumelos from Amoy and Swatow. Grapes are grown near Tienstin and Newchwang in the north, and are sent to Hong Kong; but the best Chinese Grapes are very inferior to English-grown ones, they are almost entirely devoid of the rich Grape flavor to which we are accustomed in England. Pears are grown on the opposite coast to Hong Kong, in places to a large size, and they are very good stewed; but though used as a dessert fruit, they would find no place on an English table, as in reality a good Turnip tastes better.

Spongy Apples arrive from the north, but the best of all come from America".