In answer to our inquiry as to this " rare plant which is to be introduced from the East Indies to Florida," we find that it is not the jute - the real Corchorus - but our old friend of the past century, Abutilon Avicennae, and which has already a dozen or more of common names, such as Velvet Leaf, Devil's Plant, Indian Mallow, Cake Seed, and is known as a common weed in corn and potato fields all over the Atlantic portion of the United States. We fear, as we have often said, that its branching habit will always be against its successful competition with hemp.

We find the story is repeated in the Western papers that a "Camden firm" offers eight dollars a ton for it, and wants it badly. If so, and there is any profit in it, the " Camden firm " can find plenty of farms to rent near them whereon they can raise it themselves. It is probably some half a dozen years ago since we first saw about the wants of this " Camden firm." They must be starving by this time.