Perhaps it is not generally known that the apple is good stock on which to work the Seckel Pear. A tree on this place budded in 1860 (twenty-two years ago), three feet from the ground, is healthy, and has not failed of a crop in the last seventeen years; besides, the fruit is larger than any of that variety I have seen on the pear or quince, specimens often measuring seven and a half inches round. A young tree, budded at the ground on a one year old seedling apple, has had but three seasons' growth, is ten feet high, and well branched to within two feet of the ground, and is now in bloom - one cluster.

Nurserymen know full well how difficult sometimes it is to get the Seckel started off thriftily either as a standard or a dwarf. It would be interesting to know if there are other varieties adapted to the apple. Some I have tried are not.