Wm. P. Harding, of Mount Holly, New Jersey, says : " My last summer's travel gave me many opportunities of seeing numerous things made use of in the modern style of flower gardening, as were never thought of a few years ago. And, as in the March Monthly, you observe of the Pilea repens, ' it is an excellent plant as a green base to flower beds.' Its ' moss-like habit' eminently fits it for such a purpose. But possibly it has its equal, if not its superior, in the pretty little Gibraltar mint - Mentha Pulegeum Gibraltica. It is by nature a dwarf, of but two or three inches high With its very small leaves of light green color, and exceedingly dense habit of growth, it seems to be 'just the thing' wanted for either carpet beds or ribbon borders, and was duly appreciated at Rangernore, Chatsworth, Drakelowe and other places where immense quantities were grown".