"Florist," Des Moines, Iowa, says : "A little black flea in spring attacks my Heliotropes, Primroses, Sweet Alys-sum and other plants, and works great destruction to their foliage. What can I do to destroy him, or prevent his ravages ? So far, the only remedy I have found is hand-picking in the early morning, when he is chilled. Am also troubled in summer with another insect on the upper and under sides of foliage of Callas and Farfugiums. Under an eye-glass it looks like a small red ant, with a long, sharp snout. After its attacks, the leaves look blistered, and are spoiled".

[The editor saw what he presumes the same insect, on some Heliotropes at North Bend, Ohio, last summer. It is not known East, so far as we know. - Ed. G. M].