For "W.D's.," Sandusky bed, instead of the blue Lobelia (you suggest) to accompany the Achry-anthus and Centaurea would be the Ageratum John Douglas, and then the Achryanthes and Centaurea will have to have frequent stopping to keep them to one height and be effective.

A better bed can be made of his design if he will use any of the following plants that I suggest: Alternanthera, red; Leucophyton Brownii, white, and then blue Lobelia, as they grow about one height, and the two first will bear trimming.

Another, Phlox Drommondii, scarlet and white and blue Ageratum, but must be in good mass, the phlox to be pegged down to the same height and line, which will much add to the mass of color.

I can assure you that I agree with you in your remarks about designs, letters, or otherwise in beds, not being done with neatness. I have read and travelled for information on this subject, but have always come back home with your opinion. Bedding I have studied for years as done in Europe and elsewhere.

I thank you for your kind remarks on my beds, of which I sent you photographs, which only give you an imperfect idea of what they are, as many other designs are just as correct in line and form as those sent.