"Dear Editor: As it is not true that the late Mr. John A. Lowell left $20,000 to this establishment 'on condition that it be called the Lowell Botanic Garden,' we should like to have you contradict the statement. That would not be like Mr. Lowell in any case. Certainly not in a case where other individuals have given as much, and where other equally generous gifts are expected.

" What Mr. Lowell did was to add $20,000 to the original subscription fund for the foundation of the garden, and to ask that this be named the Lowell fund, in memory of his grandfather, who originated the subscription and was most influential in furthering it and in founding the garden. The announcement of the terms of the bequest was, in the first instance, clear enough; but one Boston paper misread it, and distant papers and magazines - your own among the rest - copied the error, which appears to spread farther and faster than our correction. It is still open to any liberal man of wealth by making a sufficiently ample donation to have this garden named after him. Asa Gray".