A Burlington, Iowa, correspondent says: "We are still outraged in this town with roaming cattle, horses and geese. Why is it that I never see any articles in the horticultural nor agricultural papers in reference to this roaming at large of stock in most of the United States? Why will people spend so much money for fencing out stock, instead of the owners fencing their animals in, or herding them? Millions of dollars spent for fencing and lawsuits, in reference to this relic of barbarism ; consequently not much money is left for beautifying and improving the roads and streets. In journeying through life many a person wonders at the general 'cussedness' surrounding us all in one shape or another".

[When we say that this strong language is from the pen of a gentle lady, the reader will understand how badly she feels about this degrading and disgusting nuisance. It is amazing not only that the press is generally silent on this outrage ; and further, we have wondered that local agricultural societies do not protest against it. - Ed. G. M].