Two years ago I received a plant of the above Rose, planted it in a deep, rich bed in the rose-house. The first year it made strong growth, which didn't ripen well, and I was awarded two blooms for my labor. Last spring I cut it well back, when it started vigorously again. I cut out the gross wood, leaving only medium-sized shoots, which ripened well, and I have now been cutting flowers from it for six weeks, the handsomest roses of the kind I ever cut.

This rose is of the Glorie de Dijon type, strong grower, with large leathery leaves. The flowers often come singly, although sometimes in clusters of three or four, and are borne on good, long footstalks, which are very desirable. It should never be cut until fully open, as it is full to the centre and very double; form of flower, almost flat, and often measures five inches across.

The color of the flower is a purplish crimson, or, as some authorities have it, purplish maroon. At all events, it is a rather uncommon color amongst tea roses; it lacks in one particular, being almost scentless.

[Is this not Cheshunt - not "Chestnut" Hybrid? - Ed. G. M].