Some years ago when the daily papers were completely exhausted in exciting topics they took pains to show how the poor denizens of large cities were robbed by heartless farmers who would always take the same price for a dozen small eggs as for a dozen large ones. The universal panacea for all evils, an appeal to the Legislature, was warmly urged, and we believe in some places laws were passed commanding eggs to be sold by the pound. The political excitement will be soon over and something new must be thought of. How will an apple campaign suit? It must ' be borne in mind that a bushel of apples does not always weigh the same. Some apples are naturally denser than others. Ben Davis gives only 40 pounds to the bushel; Yandevere 43; Bellfleur and Winesap 44; Borne Beauty and Rawle's Janet 47; Baldwin 4S; Little Romanite 49. Besides this a bushel of small apples of the same kind weighs less than a bushel of large ones Here is a serious matter for the plundered city man to think over !