Concord Grape South

Mr. T. V. Munson says the Concord Grape is useless in the South. It soon withers and dies.

Bacteria In Fruit Diseases

Mr. T. V. Munson suggests that species of the "stink bug" (Sinea) may carry bacteria from decayed fruit (and perhaps the decayed matter with the bacteria), to healthy branches, puncturing which the pear blight and other troubles may originate, as artificially produced by Prof. Burrill.

Table Grapes In The South

The South excels in table grapes, but Mr. T. V. Munson thinks has not produced one that will compare with the best Northern varieties. If this is the general impression South, we think little must be known of Dr. Wylie's efforts. To our mind some of his seedlings rank with the best in the North. This modest, patient South Carolina worker has scarcely received the good tributes to his memory, his eminent services to Pomol ogy while living, deserve.

Windsor Cherry

This variety, raised some years ago by Mr. James Dougall, of Windsor, still maintains the reputation of being an excellent late cherry.

Caroline Raspberry

This is a yellow variety of the ordinary black-cap. None of the light colored kinds in this class have proved permanently popular. It remains to be seen how this will stand.

Raising Seedlings

Most of our best grapes are accidental seedlings. Deliberate attempts to raise seedlings have not been encouraging. The late Dr. Miner had 1,500 seedlings, and selected some of the best. The selections have good points, but this is about all.

Miner Plum

Prof. Budd believes that under some conditions of culture the Miner Plum may be deficient in 6tamens, and comparatively unproductive - when a more staminate variety in the orchard would assist the fertilization.

Hovey's Seedling Strawberry

From accounts we see in various quarters, this famous old variety is yet under culture in some places, producing admirable crops and positively refusing to " run out".

Best. Soil For The Raspberry

Many reports of the failure of this or that variety comes from bad culture. The raspberry is a native of mountains, or cool, Northern climates. Hot, dry soil is its abomination, and it is always on the alert to " run out" in these situations.

Superior Canadian Apples

A correspondent of the Canadian Horticulturist finds Duchess of Oldenburg, Brockville Beauty, and Fameuse, as thoroughly reliable apples in the severe winter climate of Canada.

Premiums For Celery And Onion Essays

D. Landreth & Sons, of Philadelphia, offer $100 in five premiums for short essays on celery culture, and the same amount of essays on onion culture. This ought to bring out the new ideas, of which there should be a good many lying around in obscure corners.