After our letter-press was struck off for last month, we received a brief note from Nanz & Neuner not to make any note of it. It was of course too late. After this the advertisement came to the publisher, as the reader may have noted, (page 14, Dec. No.) withdrawing offers to sell it. Since then we have had notes from Peter Henderson, V. H. Hallock, Son & Thorpe, to the effect that a tuberose under this name was offered to them, and found to be in no way different from the Pearl, and suggesting that Nanz & Neuner had been victimized. Whether Nanz & Neuner had this suspicion when making the advertisement above referred to, we do not at this moment know. For fear there may be something wrong we think it due to our readers, as this number is now going to press, to make this cautionary signal, as the weather men would say.