While at Rochester, recently, the editor was very much interested in Mr. H. B. Ellwanger's seedling roses. They were not then quite in bloom. The crosses are between such unlikely things as Teas and Hybrid Perpetuals, and similar distinct races ; but the foliage and general characteristics of the seedlings showed that the experiments were complete successes, so far as uniting the races were concerned, and it is no wonder rose growers awaited with much interest the actual floricultural results. Since returning home we have a blossom of one he marks "No. 5," which is a remarkably large, sweet-scented flower, and of very beautiful form. The exact value will, of course, have to be tested by comparison of the plant with others already in existence, but so far as we can judge from a single flower, we feel safe in saying if there are many equal to this one the race of roses does not need much improving. Mr. E. deserves the thanks of all lovers of roses for the enthusiasm with which he pursues rose culture.