In a note before me from Mr. Thos. D. Lloyd, Barrie, Ont., Canada, he is quite jubilant because he has ripened figs in the open air. I sincerely believe that we can grow better figs in our climate than they can at the South. A French savant has recently uttered a thought confirmatory of my position. "Tropical fruit grown in the temperate zone is greatly improved," or words to that effect. As an instance, Florida oranges are a hundred fold better than the same fruit grown in the West Indies. Certainly we cant be worse off than the fig-growers of Georgia, who for two years have had their trees cut down by frost. In fact our trees being protected are alive and flourishing.

Fig Culture At The North 12

In France and Germany where the climate is often as cold in winter as in Canada, figs are extensively grown and mature in the open air. The branches are simply bent down and covered by earth during the winter. De Breuil gives the annexed illustration of a plant in which the branches have been arranged in the form of a cross before putting the earth on them.