I have Scarlet Bedder Geranium, which is in every particular the counterpart of the variety General Grant. Are they not one and the same variety ?

The origin of Scarlet Bedder would not he difficult to ascertain, hut who is responsible for the variety General Grant? If this variety be legitimate offspring, the originator need not be ashamed of such progeny. But one can hardly help feeling a little surprise at the singular coincidence, that two such geraniums, which cannot possibly be distinguished the one from the other, should have been raised at the same time by different persons.

Then amongst the few really good bedding Coleus of recent introduction we have Glory of Autumn and General Grant, which is one variety with two names. The writer having been accustomed to look at this Coleus from its infancy, would like to be informed in what way the more poetic, though less illustrious name, Glory of Autumn has been tacked on, in place of or in addition to the martial cognomen applied to it by the raiser.

Will some one please rise to explain ?