Mr. E. D. Sturtevant, the well known grower of aquatics at Bordentown, New Jersey, has flowered this famous water lily of the Amazon in the open air this summer. So far as known this has not been attempted since Mr. Caleb Cope grew the plant in the open air in a cement tank in the centre of his vegetable garden, now over thirty years ago. Mr. Sturtevant, however, seems to have been even more of a success than Mr. Cope, as the leaves are six feet in diameter, and has actually perfected flowers. The flower opened first on the 3d of September, and was twelve inches across.

The flowering in this way has excited intense interest in Bordentown, and we shall not be surprised if the fact of its flowering in the open air does not induce similar attempts at the culture of the queen of flowers. It ought to be more easy South than here.