A correspondent of the London Journal of Horticulture thus describes what he regards as a tasteful arrangement of a dinner table which he saw: " It was a small circular one, having a cup and two tall water-jugs in the centre, and afforded space for a circle around the centre of eight slender vases, four of which had white Carnations, and four had half-opened flowers of Madame Falcot Rose for blossom, two flowers and a bud or two being used for each vase, with a leaf of Ampelopsis, two large leaves and a spray of Pelargonium filicifolium odoratum, three spikes of dried Briza minima, and two of the long slender shoots of the Ampelopsis pendent from opposite sides. The Roses and Carnations were placed alternately in the circle of vases, and instead of being festooned the Ampelopsis shoots were lightly interlaced outside the vases, the effect being novel and pleasing".