As there is so much talk about forest trees, etc., I thought I would give you some items about the growth of trees on my sand hill. About thirteen years ago I planted a Cunning-hamia sinensis ; it was about six inches high ; in the next ten years it did not make one foot of growth ; then it started, and to day it is fourteen feet high and the most beautiful tree on my place. I have a Deodar Cedar nine years old, sixteen feet high. Tulip Poplars I bought from you twelve years ago - one foot then - are now, some of them, over thirty feet high. Live Oaks, twelve years from the seed, are now twenty feet high, and over ten inches in diameter at base. Pittosporum, set out six years ago, not six inches high, are now eight feet high, and cover a space over nine feet across. Chinese Arborvitses, nine years from seed, are now, many of them, over twenty feet high and strong enough for fence posts. All are grown on light sandy soil, without any manure. I never saw such rapid growth - altogether too fast for my wishes.

I give you these points thinking you might like to know how trees grow here.

[We are very much obliged to Mr. W. for these notes. There is nothing more needed just now than the knowledge of what trees will thrive best in different parts of the country. We hope to hear from him again on other kinds, and to have similar notes from others. - Ed. G. M].