Many directions are given to people who know little about how to plant forests. The best advice is to put the matter in charge of some one who knows what he is doing. Douglas & Sons, of Waukegan, are doing good work for forestry by planting and caring for the trees for several years. According to the Country Gentleman:

"Dr. Warder says that H. H. Hunnewell, of Boston, has contracted with Douglas & Sons, of Waukegan, the well-known nurserymen, for the planting of several hundred acres with the hardy Western catalpa, the soil being first broken up and planted with grain for one year or more before setting out the catalpas. They are placed four feet apart, requiring nearly 3 000 for an acre, and Mr. Douglas agrees to furnish the trees, plant and tend them until old enough to take care of themselves, at the rate of three cents each. This would be eighty dollars an acre, probably one of the most profitable investments, on the part of the land owner, that can be made".

Mr. Hunnewell has set an excellent example as the best method of procedure in forest planting.