The May meeting was very largely attended. The chief interest centered in the competition for the premiums for " Wild Flowers." The ladies of the "Botany class of Germantown," exhibited fifty-nine named species, and Mr. Joseph Meehan seventy. Considering the unusual backwardness of the season, the fact that so many species were collected shows what an admirable field for the botanists is the vicinity of Philadelphia.

A very remarkable exhibit was a seedling Heliotrope, with a cyme of flowers twelve inches wide. It was the plant's first flower. If it continues in this way it will be a wonderful variety. It was exhibited by Mr. D. Curtin. Another admirable plant was Begonia rubra, exhibited by Mr. James Barrows. It was two feet and-a-half high, central stem perfectly straight, numerous branches arranged in a regular manner around the stem, from which hundreds of its large bright red flowers depended.

Professor Thomas Meehan gave his usual free lecture on the botanical and horticultural features of the plants on exhibition.