"A little boy" writes: "Father says you like to know about things nobody knows, and he says this is new and you will like it. It is about the flower of the Akebia. In the middle of the flower are five parts like five pins. I cut them out with a scissors and stuck them all over my face. They stood out straight, and father thought warts had broke out all over me, and he was scared when he looked at me. Father says this is written right, but you will spell out the big words for me".

[The editor is very thankful to this "little boy" for his interesting letter. The " pins" in the centre of the flower botanists call the pistils, the "pin heads" being the stigmas. Many flowers, when open, exude a sticky and generally sweet substance from these pin-head points; but it is probably quite new to observe that in Akebia the liquid is so sticky that it will hold the pistil out in a horizontal direction. " Little boy" will do well to keep on taking notes of such things. There is no education so valuable as that which directs the eye. We understand the little fellow is under eight years. - Ed. G. M.J