We are glad to find our excellent contemporary, the American Agriculturist, in the field with us against the European absurdity of long Latin names for mere garden varieties. It christens Retinospora plumosa aurea, "golden plume arbor vitae." In this crusade against the absurd, it will, however, be necessary to guard against confusion. The names should be given at the first introduction, and then stick to them, just as Americans have done with the "George Peabody" and "Tom Thumb" arbor vitae, in spite of European repudiation, and attempt to stick on the fearfully useless Latin abominations.

For some years past this Retinospora has been known as "Golden Japan Cedar," and it may be as well to decide at once which one of the two to retain, the old one or the new one suggested by the Agriculturist. In regard to botanical names, the decision is on the question whether it is best to have to learn for one plant one "hard" Latin name, or several score of "easy" English or vernacular ones.