"S. H.," Yarmouth, Mass., says: " I wrote you last month, but it may have arrived too late. Which is the best vine for a cold grapery, Gros Colman or White Syrian, and which are best vines to get from the South of France? Please answer in your Gardener's Monthly".

[It should be borne in mind by correspondents that it takes a great many days work for the Editor to answer all the letters, and prepare for a whole month's number of the magazine. The matter for the printer has to go to the office, for the greater part, a month before the date of publication. Yet it is not unusual for some correspondent, who may write on the 20th of the month, to wonder why there is no notice of his letter, when the magazine appears a few days later. We do not wonder at this misconception, for few persons have a full idea of the immense amount of work involved in getting up a number like ours. In regard to the grapes, we would not advise either of the grapes for a cold vinery. There is nothing equal to the Black Hamburg for this purpose. Nor do we think there would be anything gained by introducing, for this purpose, any from the South of France. Those which have been already well tried in our vineries should be preferred. - Ed. G. M].