Growing Radishes

It requires rich ground to grow vegetables well, but the radish beyond all must have it. It is hot work to eat a radish that has not been grown in very rich ground.

How To Ripen Persimmons

A correspondent of the Pacific Rural Press says: "I learned from a Chinaman, who has had much experience in fruit growing, that the best method of treating the persimmon is to take it from the tree when fully matured and put it away in some place (a box or otherwise) where it will be excluded from the air and light until it has become perfectly soft and pulpy, and then steep it for a few hours in clear water".

Yeast As An Insecticide

Yeast sometimes destroys insects, and sometimes not. In the latter case it does not contain Isaria, which is the particular fungus denoxious to insects.

The Leechee Fruit

This Chinese tree, now becoming popular for planting in California, is the Nephelium Litchi of botanists. It is said that an admirable wine may be made by using for fermentation the dried fruit. Care must be taken not to crush the seeds, which are acrid.

Sulphur For Currant Worms

"W.," Christiana, Pa., writes: "An old gardener informed me, a few days since, that flower of sulphur sprinkled on the currant leaves when they were damp would kill the currant worm. Is this correct? Will it answer as well as hellebore? Thee can answer through G. M".

[We should incline to the belief that one might roll a caterpillar in sulphur to its positive comfort rather than injury ; but there can be no objection to any one's trying it on one.-Ed. G. M].

Success With Dwarf Apples

A New Brunswick, N. J. correspondent says: "I have also succeeded in growing dwarf apples - for three years now - upon a stock not subject to the borer and from which I expect very good permanent results. We consider it scarcely worth while to try to grow apples on this dry red shale formation on their own roots ; for here, more fatally than on any other soil, for some reason, the worms, in four or five years ruin all".

Nymphlea Tuberosa

The Garden, of February 25th, gives a good colored plate of this pretty North American water lily, which is comparatively unknown even to ourselves. Most Nym-phaeas have the leaves floating on the surface of the water. This species has some of them pushing themselves up above the surface of the water, as the leaves of the Nelumbium do. They do not all do this, however. Some lie on the surface and turn up their edges as the leaves of the Great Victoria Lily of the Amazon do.