The "Illustration horticole" for 1881, last part, speaks thus of this beautiful plant: "The Gynura aurantiaca is a hardy plant belonging to the Compositae, and is of such an ornamental character as to allow of one's saying that it is not surpassed by any other plant of the same class. The stem and leaves are clothed throughout their entire length with a thick covering of hairs, soft to the touch, and of a beautiful deep violet color, which gives an appearance of the richest velvet to the plant. This is more especially the case with the young leaves, and when combined with the brilliant orange of the flowers, the aspect of the plant is truly superb. Without doubt, it will gain great favor as au ornamental plant for the open borders".

As this plant in all probability will become as popular as Iresine Lindeni and Coleus Ver-schaffelti, it will be sent out at a very low price, in order that it may spread as rapidly as possible.