Hardiness Of Rose Reine Marie Henri-Ette

Mr. Terwilliger, of Saratoga, N. Y., writes: "Please state that the rose 'Reine Marie Henriette,' stood outside uncovered during the winter '80 and '81, mercury going to 32° below zero, and came out nicely, bloomed all summer and is now in bloom (Sept. 6). La France was by them, also unharmed, plenty of snow to cover them".

Roses For Ornamental Fruit

Fully endorsing your opinion as to the desirableness of the Dog, Cinnamon and Carolina Roses, for their showy fruit in autumn, let me add that Rosa rugosa (Japan) is superior, by far, to any other variety in this respect, and also that its large flowers and rich, luxuriant foliage render it one of the most desirable shrubs of recent introduction.

Cyrtodeira Metalica

A new basket plant now popular. Of creeping habit. Its leaves are a rich bronze color, marked in the centre with pink. The surface of the foliage being covered with minute white hairs, gives it a silvery appearance; very beautiful. - Henderson.

Violet Rubra Plena

"C. E. P." says: "If any of the readers of the Monthly have had any experience with Violet rubra plena, which is described as 'being of a red (?) color and very distinct,' and Violet Marie de Savoy which is described as being ' very large and fragrant and of a deep blue color with a white centre,' they will confer a favor on me by reporting the result through the columns of the Monthly?"

Anthurium Crystallinum

" Subscriber " wants to know: "Can you or some of your readers give me some information concerning the treatment of Anthurium crystallinum ; of what country is it a native ; do the flowers possess any beauty, or is it grown only for its superb foliage? I am giving my plant the same treatment that I would give A. Scherzerianum ; but it does not seem to thrive under it".

Double Red Bouvardia

F. Morat, Louisville, Ky., writes: "I sent you to-day by mail, one flower of a rose colored double Bouvardia. It is a sport of double white A. Neuner. It is quite constant. I have about 300 plants of them now in bloom".

[This is very beautiful, and to say the least is quite as desirable as the double white. - Ed. G. M].

Kansas Products

The farmers of Kansas raised nearly one hundred and twenty-three millions of dollars of produce the past year. Pretty good for a State reputed to be "drouthy," and in a "drouthy" year.

Mild Weather

The English seem to have had the same mild weather to new year that we had. A correspondent of the London Daily News says on December 5th: Fucshias were still in bloom in the open air of the Isle of Wight, and that he gathered ripe raspberries from late Fall growths, and strawberries were getting ripe.