Mr. Wm. Parry writes that he believes the Kieffer pear, and the other varieties of Chinese sand pear race, are not as healthy when propagated from plants grown on quince, as when from plants growing on standard trees. We believe Mr. Parry right on this point, and would extend it to all sorts of pears, as well as pear trees of this class. It is surprising that the point has never been suggested before. There seems to be no doubt but that, as the vital powers of a pear are avowedly checked in favor of the reproductive, when it is grown on a quince, plants propagated from such trees will partake of the low vital powers engendered and be more liable to disease. Propagation should never be from trees grown on quince in any case, and Mr. Parry deserves the thanks of pomologists for calling attention to this novel but very important point in pear culture.