Mr. E. P. Roe writes : "I send you herewith per express, prepaid, a few of my new seedling apples, 'Highland Beauty,' which is a seedling from the Lady apple. Last year was not the bearing year and we had only a few; but with no special care in keeping they have kept in excellent order and in a cellar where other varieties have rotted. It is my wish to test this new variety fully before sending it out to the public".

[This came to hand on the 18th of March, which shows it to be a good keeper. As before noted in relation to this and other apples, the value of a good fruit of this class depends on so many things of which a specimen on an editor's table cannot tell. There are already over two thousand named apples, and he who undertakes to add to their number assumes a great responsibility. All we can say is that so far as we can judge, this apple has some very good qualities, which seem to make it worthy of attention. - Ed. G. M].