Mr. Hinze tells me, since the January number of Gardener's Monthly appeared, he receives scores of letters inquiring about his carnation seedlings. And as Mr. Hinze is not accustomed to English writing, he is not able to answer these inquiries, but would be glad for me to state in your magazine all about the above. The seed was imported from Europe some years ago, and as soon as the merits of these plants were known the florists around Detroit City would not grow other varieties, except for the sake of other colors. Mr. Hinze tries new plants every year, but these are his best. Any other florist would have advertised these plants and sold them for high prices. Mr. Hinze did nothing of the kind ; he raised a large stock and had the best of the flower market for two years or more. Since then all about Detroit have them, but very few florists outside of Detroit knew of their existence till the appearance of little article in January Monthly. They bear double as many flowers, and are very healthy plants in all seasons, and are stout and strong growers. I had 3,000 put in this winter for cut flowers, and I can speak from experience. I am propagating 6,000 for next year, all for cut flowers. I found one house of these pay better than anything in the flower line.

The single flower is very large, larger than of other varieties, and they are pleasantly scented. The Red is a very bright pure red, and the White a very large pure white.