I sow my seed in a hot-bed on the 1st of March. The bed must be in good condition, that the seed may germinate quickly ; for celery seed takes thirty days, generally, in open ground, to germinate Seed must not be sown too thickly, as the plants should be stocky. I have tried to germinate the seeds by keeping them moist and warm before 1st of March, but I found the above date safest, for if sown earlier, there is danger of the celery running to seed. About the loth to 20th of May, if the ground is in order, and weather suits, plant out in ditches six inches deep, on the richest spot you have. The only things wanted to grow celery successfully are plenty of cow or hog manure, and moist land. The soil must be good down to at least twelve inches. About the 1st of July we commence to bank up, slowly if dry; if moist, draw up as high as you can; if really dry weather, so that the soil is too dry to stick if drawn up to the plants, I use foot boards sixteen feet long, pressed on each side against the celery, and sticks drove in to keep in place. This mode bleaches the celery best, but if soil be used the stocks or heads are a great deal heavier. I have tried to keep celery in the following way, and kept it till spring. Pitted in hot-beds the same as if pitted in the old fashion.

After bed is filled, the sash are put on; give air once or twice a week; if so cold that boards are not sufficient, straw or mats can be put on. Looked after in this way, it can be kept till spring.