"M. S. W.," Fonthill, Ont., says : "We are anxious to know the art of hybridizing grapes. Our Mr. Stone, of Rochester, advised writing to you to see if there was not some publication on that subject. If not, we suggest an article at length in the Gardener's Monthly, which would be very interesting and useful to many readers".

[The process is easy by art, though it is not easy when left to nature. The corolla of the grape is united over the stigma, and generally does not fall off till it has received its own pollen ; but with good eyes, or good glasses to aid the eyes, the corolla is opened with a fine scissors, and the pollen applied from the male parent to the stigma before it has had a chance to use its, own. If this is carefully done, crossing is almost sure to be effectual. - Ed. G. M].