On the evening of November 15th, James Markey, who has gained a national reputation as an expert greenhouse workman, dropped dead of heart disease, near his residence on Jersey City Heights. Though only thirty-four years of age, he had been employed in the greenhouses of Peter Henderson for nearly twenty-three years - having begun at the early age of eleven years. In all operations in the greenhouse Mr. Henderson has always claimed he had no peer for rapidity and neatness. In the operation of potting he daily did the work of two average men, and was paid accordingly.

It will be remembered that some years ago when Mr. Henderson asserted in the columns of the Monthly that James Markey potted 7,500 plants in ten hours, several of our readers questioned the fact. Long since then Mr. Markey had far surpassed even that extraordinary record, and had repeatedly potted 10,000 in one day of ten hours; and on one special occasion, in April of this year, potted 11,500 rooted cuttings of verbenas in 2 inch pots; a feat probably never equalled or even approached. Besides being art extraordinary workman, few men of his years were possessed of such varied and comprehensive knowledge of greenhouse work. Mr. Markey was a native of county Meath, Ireland, but came to this country at an early age, and, except two years which he served in the war of the Rebellion, had been from first to last in the employment of Mr. Henderson. He was modest and unassuming to a fault; a generous-hearted, open-handed fellow, and enjoyed the respect of his employer and fellow-workmen to an extent that few men ever attain.